Mein Mann, seine Frauen und ich (My Husband, his Wives and Me)

Mein Mann, seine Frauen und ich

Is this love or pure madness? Or why I became his second wife

Now that she is divorced Frieda Zimmermann is enjoying her liberty. Thus she meets Karim from Iraq. Fascinated by him and the world he comes from, she starts an affair with him, even marries him because Islam forbids love without a marriage certificate. She is willing to accept the fact that he is already married and has children and that a separation is not planned – after all, he lays the magic of the Orient at her feet.
They move to Oman together, where Frieda is only allowed on the streets if she is heavily veiled. She is doing it for Karim, an educated and caring husband who looks after his wives. Then one day he brings home wife number three. Only now does Frieda realise that she is trapped, for according to Islam law she cannot have a divorce …