Wenn nur dein Lächeln bleibt (When All That Remains is Your Smile)

Wenn nur dein Lächeln bleibt

A mother fights for a life of dignity for her daughter

When at the age of 25 Angela Hädecke is expecting a baby in the late 1970s, she and her husband Bernd are over the moon. Before long, however, she feels that all is not well with the pregnancy. Accompanied by excruciating pain, she gives birth to baby Anja, who comes into this world as a lifeless bundle. The diagnosis is devastating: oxygen deficiency has caused spastic paralysis and Anja will remain mentally and physically handicapped.
Angela accepts her fate and fights for a life of dignity for her daughter, who is in a wheelchair, has to wear nappies and cannot speak. Again and again Angela discovers that doctors neglect children with severe disabilities and that any form of help is pure luxury. But their love for Anja bring Angela and her husband even closer together. All they want is for Anja to live.