Eine Handvoll Heldinnen (A Handful of Heroines)

Eine Handvoll Heldinnen

Close your eyes and follow your heart

It is overweight night club owner Erna, of all people, who opens Katja Richter's eyes on her twentieth wedding anniversary: apart from a gigantic ego, hubby Albert has nothing to offer. Katja would like to keep up her intact family life, but shortly before taking her school-leaving exams daughter Juli presents her with a grandchild. From her blind classmate. And when he sets off to walk the Camino de Santiago trail to prove his independence and Juli has nothing better to do than go after him, complete with baby, Katja can scarcely carry on ironing Albert's shirts. Luckily, fate has a handful of heroines all lined up who corroborate her brave decision and again prove that women's friendships weigh more than all the machos in the world …